The Journey Begins here...

We are nuts about a few things here at Pistachio Provenance.
Freshness, Flavour and and you guessed it- Pistachios!

Our journey began in 2012 after a holiday to Greece. Having never tasted a pistachio so fresh, flavoursome and crunchy, Jane decided to pack some in her suitcase to share with family and friends back in the UK. Since the days of nuts in suitcases we’ve become a family business and now supply to wonderful pubs, are stocked in great delis and available to purchase from Fabulous online shops including our own!




Pistachios may be small but they’ve put up a mighty fight to get to where they are! It takes 7 years for a pistachio sapling to grow into a fruit bearing tree, and 10 years to reach maturity, but patience is rewarded and the results are definitely worth the wait. Our dedicated pistachio producers are farming sustainably, constantly improving and shaping the agricultural landscape for today and future generations.

Each year in late August to early September, the pistachios are harvested. Gently shaken from the trees onto huge collecting sheets, gathered up and taken back to the farm where their outer pink hulls are removed. The perfectly ripened pistachio is revealed, peeking out from the tiny split of its protective cream coloured shell. The pistachios are then traditionally dried slowly — you can’t hurry a good thing, preserving their fresh lime green colour, creamy sweetness and colourful crunch.


The unique qualities and characteristics of our raw in-shell pistachios are due to their place of origin, the environment they are grown in, combined with the traditional farming methods used by the growers. Their authenticity and origin is guaranteed by the certificate of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).



As a small family business our philosophy is based on fair and ethical direct sourcing from our growers; striving to be faithful to the principles of sustainability and being able to offer a fabulous fresh pistachio snacking moment for you.

You can’t eat just one!