Why pistachio nut butter?

Nut butters are having a boom at the moment aren't they? You might think that Pistachio Provenance has jumped on the band wagon, but we have been secretly making and enjoying our nut butter at home for years.

So why have we waited until now to launch online? I guess we just needed a boost in confidence- to know that you all liked it. There's a lot of admin involved in pistachio nut butter, we have to crack all the pistachios by hand and not eat any- torture! Can you imagine us going through that and then nobody liking it?! 

If you have been following our story and met us at various foodie events around the South West you will know that we have been selling Pistachio nut butter via our market stall and frequently sold out. People then started asking where they could get it from other than our little market stall and that was the boost we needed to know we were onto something- cracking all the nuts is worth it! 

So wham now you can buy our pistachio nut butter online!

But why choose pistachio nut butter over any other nut butter? Our nut butter is nothing but the dry roasted nut, absolutely nothing else added! Pistachios might be small but they're mighty in all they pack in, did you know they are-

  • Loaded with nutrients.
  • High in antioxidants. 
  • Low in calories yet high in protein. 
  • Help promote healthy gut bacteria.
  • May lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • May promote blood vessel health. 
  • May help lower blood sugar.

So you can find all that goodness in our wonderful pistachio nut butter. Pistachio nut butter is so versatile from a dollop in porridge, spread on toast to pimping pasta, a little goes along way! Don't take my word for it head over to our shop to try some for yourself.