What to do with Pistachio Shells?

As we come to the end of crop 2016 and excitedly await the imminent arrival of this year's harvest, we ponder on our huge collection of pistachio shells. 

We thought we'd share with you our shell journey beginning in the month of May.

Most of the pistachio shells went into the garden to do battle with the no nonsense slugs and snails. They were already voraciously chomping their way through anything and everything young and green. We all know that demoralising feeling when overnight they have been extremely busy covering what seems incredible distances to make their presence felt in the garden.

However slugs and snails really don't like the salty residue and texture of the cracked shells and we were on a mission to protect all our tender shoots. We surrounded delicate little seedlings with a mound of shells which we topped up over the course of summer. Our shoots were safe and sweet peas managed to escape their hungry mouths.

We've made a fabulous discovery whilst writing this small blog, The Real Flower Company, who have written a delightful piece about sweet peas in June. With lovely photography it really captures the simple blissful pleasure of one of my favourite flowers.

Click here and see for yourself.

pistachio shells pink and green clematis