The 2016 Luxury Packaging Awards

Incredible news – Pistachio Provenance has been shortlisted for the 2016 Luxury Packaging Awards! We’re so proud of our gorgeous packaging and we couldn’t be more delighted to have it recognised by such a prestigious award.

So what makes our boxes so special? When we designed them, we wanted to create a functional fabulous design that was unique to the pistachio snacking market, based on our company values of being environmentally friendly, sustainable and fun. Together with Curtis Print & Packaging and Kingdom & Sparrow, we combined all those things to create a beautiful little package.



For the manufacturing, we chose to work with Curtis Print & Packaging, whose sustainable ethos was a huge draw (we’d highly recommend them, by the way – check out their website here). Our pistachios are grown by farmers using traditional methods, and the slow natural process (did you know it takes 10 years for a pistachio tree to reach maturity?) means that sustainability is built right in. We were determined that our packaging should follow this same approach, so Curtis were the ideal choice – they’re extremely knowledgeable about the environmental impact of all the options they provide, and helped us choose something that’s not just recyclable at the end of its life, but environmentally friendly in the sourcing and manufacture at the beginning of its life too. The card for our boxes is certified by the Forestry Commission, which means the materials used to make it come from well-managed forests which will be preserved for generations to come.

It’s not just about the materials, though – we also wanted to create a design that’s perfect for purpose. Any true pistachio addict will know that a quick snacking session results in a pile of discarded shells, so in order to make our pistachios suitable for nibbling on the go, our boxes work like a matchbox, with a large pistachio compartment at one end and a smaller, empty compartment at the other for the shells. And as you gradually accumulate more shells and less pistachios, the divider between the two compartments slides along easily to create more space. A simple solution to the pistachio fan’s perennial problem! And it’s not just us who are rather pleased with it – check out this great article how our packaging works from The Dieline.

Finally, of course, our packaging is not just functional but beautiful. The colours are inspired by the pistachios themselves – the raspberry pink of the husks and the lime green of the nuts – because nobody creates & mixes colours quite like Mother Nature herself. Kingdom & Sparrow, a vibrant young design agency, completely understood our vision and created a fabulous, fun design whilst also reflecting the authenticity and heritage of the pistachios themselves - visit their website for a great video all about it. The proportions of the box, the finish of the card, and the embossed logo on the lid all contribute to a lovely little package that fits neatly into pockets, handbags and picnic hampers for snacking on the go.

We’ll have to wait until September to find out if we’ve won, but right now we’re just ecstatic to be shortlisted – out of almost 100 entries – amongst some seriously special contenders, including Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. Keep your fingers crossed for us!