Scoop and Go- Bring your own pot!

Our ethos has always been to use the freshest pistachios that are farmed sustainably, and use the most sustainable packaging to put them in.  

Way back when Pistachio Provenance began we created our unique box with the idea not only to store your nuts and shells but to be able to be re-use again and again. We worked alongside Curtis Packaging who are leading experts in sustainable packaging to make sure that the box was made using Forest Stewardship Council card. However, there is still non recyclable plastic element to the packaging. Going forward we are looking into changing our packaging to make it reusable/ compostable aiming for zero waste.

Thats why moving forward at markets we will be offering a 'scoop and go' service and ask you to bring your own pots to store your nuts in. We have a new snazzy set of scales so you can pay per KG. We are also asking if you purchase a pot of our nut butter you bring the pot (not the lid) back once used so we can sterilise and use again. By making small changes like this we can help safeguard our planet for future generations.