Healthy Snacking with Pistachio Provenance

Healthy snacking: 30 pistachios contain about 100 calories

 A healthy snack: about 30 pistachios makes 100 calories


We think our pistachios are the ideal snack – that’s why we carefully designed our boxes so that they’re perfect for nibbling on the go.  But did you know that pistachios are also a healthy choice for those hungry moments? Not only are they full of nutritional benefits, but they make a particularly good post-workout snack, so if like us, you’re currently training for the Bristol Half Marathon (good luck, not long to go now!) then read on…

Some background information for you: nuts have a reputation for being fattening, but if you keep the portion size moderate (see our picture below - about 30 pistachios makes 100 calories), they can be really healthy because they’re full of good stuff. Pistachios do contain fats, but they’re the good kind – unsaturated fats, which help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Pistachios are also packed with fibre, another thing that’s been shown to help keep your heart healthy.

As well as fighting heart disease, it’s also been suggested that pistachios could be instrumental in preventing diabetes. They have a low glycaemic index rating, meaning that the carbohydrates they contain are absorbed slowly, keeping your blood glucose levels steady. This is particularly important for healthy snacking, helping to prevent your blood sugars from spiking. Foods with a low glycaemic index rating also fill you up for longer, another great attribute for a snack.

With the 2016 Bristol Half Marathon fast approaching, we’d also like to recommend our pistachios as the perfect post-exercise fuel. They’re high in protein, which is key for muscle recovery after a workout, and helps bring your energy levels back up. They’re also packed with antioxidants, which studies have suggested help to combat muscle damage and soreness. Finally, pistachios are full of all sorts of other important nutrients, including potassium, which is something you lose a lot of when you’re sweating. Potassium is a really important electrolyte that plays a role in all sorts of essential body functions, and potassium loss is part of the reason you can feel a bit weak and shaky after intense exercise – so crack open a handful of pistachios and get refuelling after your favourite sporting activity!

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