Young Shoots

In November 2013 I arranged to meet Vagelis, Vice President of the co-operative as I was keen to inspect the orchards at different times of the year . We met on a Wednesday afternoon so that his 15 year old son could join us, as we needed an interpreter! We had talked about saplings, and today they were generously going to plant just one baby tree for me. Just one because normally they plant in January. We strode out into the middle of the prepared soil and then rather ceremoniously the hole was dug and a tiny sapling was nestled into the turned soil.

"How long until the sapling reaches maturity? "
I asked, Vagelis’s son replied,
"The tree will be 10 and I will be 25 years old.”
Time, patience and loving care produces a living legacy for the next generation of pistachio growers. Later I learnt that the sapling has a name ..Jane, so no pressure there! May it survive, grow strong and fruit well.