Pistachio Provenance, Gourmet pistachio nuts

Our premium pistachios are grown by a co-operative of dedicated pistachio growers in Greece. The quality, fresh flavour, deep blush pinks and delicate lime greens of our pistachios are our inspiration.

As a small family business our philosophy is based on fair and ethical direct sourcing from our growers; striving to be faithful to the principles of sustainability and being able to offer a fabulous fresh pistachio snacking moment for you.


“Lovely crunch, good level of salt. Pleasing creaminess on the finish, along with some complexity of flavour”

the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Team 2013

Pistachio Provenance

Health conscious tasty snacking

Full of essential nutrients, anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals as well as heart healthy fats and no cholesterol. Give your fingers a work out and add a handful of energy and goodness to your day.

Original gift or treat for all lovers of pistachios

We've cracked the pistachio shell puzzle by designing a unique and stylish pistachio nut box. Ideal as a gift or treat for "on the go" snacking. Fabulous for hampers and picnics too.